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Camera City Dresden

Europe’s Center of the Photo and Cinema Industry

The museum building with the Ernemann Tower was once the landmark of the Dresdner photo and cinema industry. In the restored administration rooms of the former Ernemann-Werke, the museum looks back on a century in which more than 40 manufacturers of photo and film cameras, projectors, photo paper, film material, and special equipment made Dresden the most important location of the sector in Europe. Many innovations and the quality of the Dresdner camera industry are legendary to this day.

The exhibition divided into several section starts in 2014 in the world of work, introducing visitors to the history of Heinrich Ernemann’s camera factory. Until the 100th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of today’s museum building in 2016, the exhibition is to be expanded by the sections “Made in Dresden”, “Ernemann’s Tower,” “Cameras for the War”, and “Inventor, Constructor, Innovator.”