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Hier entsteht etwas Neues

Aufgrund von Umbauarbeiten bleibt die Ausstellung ab dem 10. Juli 2023 geschlossen.

The new experimental field of opto-acoustics

Everything is a wave: It is thanks to sound waves that we can hear music, and thanks to light waves that we see colours. Invisible waves tan or burn our skin. Modern communications technology is based on radio waves and optical fibres, the atmosphere in a football stadium on the “Mexican” wave. So what properties do these waves have? And what are the differences? Is it possible to hear light and see sounds? Who has ever played football with light or produced sounds through motion? And what secrets await to be uncovered by the smallest visitor to a shipwreck deep under the waves of the sea?  

More than 50 interactive und astonishing hands-on-stations in the exhibition WELLENREITER are available to curious and interested young and old researchers to enable them to encounter strange phenomena and amazing effects. Playing with the mysterious, with transformation and magic prompts deeper thought about the physical fundamentals of our world.