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DLR_School_Lab TU Dresden

Out of School – Into the Lab!

In the DLR_School_Lab TU Dresden, children and youths become young researchers. They learn about current developments in energy, mobility and material technology and discuss the importance of technology research for the future of our society. 

How do solar cells become cheaper and more efficient? Can hydrogen be gained without a high expenditure of energy? What do new materials have to be like so that they are light, stable and applicable in many ways? Supported by students of the TU Dresden, pupils can plan, conduct and present the results of age-appropriate experiments related to concrete research projects of the Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) and the TU Dresden. 

In addition, the DLR_School_Lab TU Dresden offers vocational and study-orientation workshops and pupils the possibility of even receiving a doctorate prior to graduating from high school in the frame of the “Juniordoktor” project. 

During special events such as the Long Night of Sciences or the Museum Summer Night, the Lab is open for all visitors interested in natural science and technology.