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Dresden Grant in Photography

Request for applications

The „Dresden Grant in Photography“, donated by the „Dresdner Stiftung Kunst & Kultur der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden“, addresses artists who work self-employed and/ or full-time as photographers, have possibly earned an artistic degree, verify at least one public personal exhibition or publication with works of photography and who do not permanently reside in Dresden.

The grant supports artistic and/ or documentary projects that focus on photographic images and processes. Simultaneously, the grant is to place artistic interpretations of the city of Dresden at the core of the project without necessarily limiting the artistic work to city photography in a strict sense. On-site presence is expected.

The grant awards a monthly stipend of 1.000,- € for a three months period, an additional allowance of maximum 1.000,- € for photo materials as well as free accommodation in an apartment in Dresden.

The works produced as results of the grant are possibly to be presented to a wider public in an exhibition in the „Technische Sammlungen Dresden“ [Technology Collections of the city of Dresden].

Fixed period: March through May 2022

Closing date for applications (in-box): 15. August 2021

Further questions please address to:

Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Maren Dose, Tel. ++351/ 488 7251 or E-Mail: maren.dose@museen-dresden.de

Application documents:

Please, send originals to:
Technische Sammlungen Dresden
Maren Dose
Junghansstraße 1-3
D - 01277 Dresden

Written form:

  • application with project proposal (maximum 1800 characters)
  • short biography and artistic history
  • statement of the applicant that Dresden is not the site of permanent residency
  • index of exhibitions (optional)


Further records:

  • work samples (no print run or high quality originals): Prints, copies in max. format A 4
  • a series comprising max. 15 photographs, or
  • individual photographical works, max. 12 photographs
  • max. 3 catalogues


Digital/ electronic documents are also being accepted, but only as supplement to the work samples.

The jury reserves the right to request further information in individual cases.

Originals will only be returned to the applicant if a stamped and addressed envelope is enclosed.